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Our sanitation service kills up to 99.99% of virus, fungus & bacteria, including Staph, MRSA & Coronaviruses.  We use a natural occurring substance, Ozone (O3) which is a gas, which means it can penetrate and reach those hard to reach places, not just what's on the surface. 

We have partnered with OnIce / The Crossover to offer recurring sanitation services, and we also offer mobile sanitation where we will come to you!  Get fully sanitized gear in only 30 minutes!  Our sanitation services are not limited to sports equipment - we can sanitize nearly anything!

Affordable pricing:  $5 each item (pairs count as one item*; example:  helmet + gloves + skates = $15)



Step 1:  Contact Vikn Sports
Email us at and tell us about your equipment reconditioning/recertification needs.

Step 2:  We Come To You!
After we've confirmed your recon order, we schedule a time to come to your location.  We bag, tag & ship all gear so you don't have to.

Step 3:  Reconditioning Process
All gear will be cleaned, sanitized & tested. Helmets will be buffed, polished and if needed, repainted. Helmets will be recertified to NOCSAE and NAERA Standards.

Step 4:  Receive Equipment
Equipment will be delivered back to you.  The entire process takes approximately 4-8 weeks (an estimate will be provided at initial contact)


Who is NOCSAE?

NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) was originally formed in response to a need for a performance test standard for football helmets. Today, NOCSAE has 49 performance and test standards for a wide range of sports and continues to investigate other athletic equipment to determine the feasibility or necessity of establishing additional standards.

How can I determine if a helmet meets the NOCSAE helmet test standards?

Helmets which meet the NOCSAE Standard must bear the seal, “Meets NOCSAE Standards” and the logo for that type of helmet. The seal and logo are permanently branded or stamped on the outside rear portion of the helmet.

How are football helmets tested?

Helmets are mounted on an instrumented head model and tested before and after reconditioning in accordance with the NOCSAE Standard and NAERA By-Laws. The testing includes various impact energies, standard and random locations under controlled environmental conditions. Acceleration measurements are taken to determine if the helmet meets an established Severity Index (SI) requirement. SI is a scientifically accepted measurement of human injury tolerance. Some required impacts are equivalent to running in excess of 12 MPH into a flat surface, which stops a player’s head suddenly. Some players run faster than this but seldom if ever experience an impact as violent as the NOCSAE test.

Please Note: 
Effective September 1, 2011,  the National Athletic Equipment Reconditioners Association (NAERA) will not recondition/recertify any football helmet that is 10 years of age or older. The ten years shall be determined by the manufactures date. 

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to paint your own helmets. Any helmet that is painted should also be recertified by a NOCSAE approved reconditioner.  Some substances when applied to the helmet shell can cause shell deterioration, degradation, and/or breakage that may not be visible to the wearer. This could expose the wearer to unnecessary RISK AND DANGER.