TAG Battle Gear II TSP045 Youth Shoulder Pad

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The TAG Battle Gear II Youth Shoulder Pad offer maximum protection, mobility and comfort at a lower price.

-Adjustable Velcro neck opening with steel spring/cantilever 

-Comfort foam neck binding

-Nickel hardware, plus Velcro removable lining for easy cleaning

-Extended black corrugated arches for lighter weight, strength, and durability

-HDOC foam with double density arch padding construction

-EPE foam outside shell; comfort HDOC foam inside with antimicrobial lining

-Drilled holes for attaching neck roll and back pads. Single elastic underarm strap

-Front webbing wrap around snubbers

- 1" Belt and buckle hook-up system

-Liner is Machine washable

2XS 10"-11" 20-40 lbs
XS 11"-12" 40-60 lbs
SMALL 12"-13" 60-80 lbs
MEDIUM 13"-14" 80-100 lbs
LARGE 14"-15" 100-120 lbs
XL 15"-16" 120-150 lbs
2XL 16"-17" 150-180 lbs