About Us

- Our Mission -

To Make Sports Safer, More Affordable & More Convenient.

We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to participate in sports and have access to all of the physical, social, emotional & cognitive benefits that organized sports provide. In 2017, we created Vikn Sports to eliminate barriers to sports participation and build healthy communities. We provide affordable solutions for youth & varsity football organizations with rent, rent-to-own & purchase options for protective equipment.

Proper equipment fit is vital for sports safety. Our team of athletic equipment specialists provide custom fittings to ensure the best fit for each athlete. Safety is our #1 priority. All equipment is maintained to NOCSAE Standards.

To keep your gear up to the highest levels in safety, we offer equipment reconditioning, recertification & sanitation services. We come to you! Our crew will bag, tag & ship your equipment for reconditioning/recertification and deliver it back to your organization. We offer mobile sanitation solutions from our Vikn Sports van. Equipment is treated with Ozone (O3) which is a gas that kills 99.9% of viruses, molds, and bacteria, including Staph and MRSA. 

Our team of experts deliver to organizations throughout the US, providing product knowledge, reliability and convenience.  Drop us a line & let us know how we can help your organization!  




Football has played a huge part of Dean's life, starting in elementary school, Dean continued to play football through his middle school and high school years.  He graduated from Central Michigan University in 2000 with a degree in Health Promotion & Rehabilitation and played two years of college football at CMU.  After graduating, Dean played an additional 4 years of Minor League with the Austin Rattlers. Dean has worked as a motion picture stuntman since 2004 and can be seen in Friday Night Lights, Gridiron Gang, The Comebacks and various television commercials. 

As a mother of two boys that are active in sports, Stephanie understands the importance of sports safety and affordability.  She graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2000 (go Hilltoppers!) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, minor in Economics.  She has over 15 years of sales & marketing experience and loves networking with individuals & organizations to help increase participation in youth sports.  










“Vikn Sports has a customer for life!  By using their football equipment rental program, we saved a considerable amount of  time & money.  Their delivery and pickup services were so convenient.  We highly recommend their services!” 

“My hockey gear has never smelled better!  I love the convenience of dropping my equipment off with Vikn Sports and 30 minutes later, I have fully sanitized gear.  They help me to be proactive in the fight against MRSA.”  

“Vikn Sports' customer service is top notch.  They truly go above & beyond to ensure that your child is properly fit in safe equipment.  Also, they provide unique colors and styles that I can't find at any of the box stores.”  

“Vikn Sports has eliminated all of the equipment management hassle that I've had to deal with in the past.  They deliver equipment, handle the equipment fittings, make any needed adjustments during the season & pick the equipment up at the end of the season to sanitize and store until we need it for next season.  It doesn't get much easier than that!” 

“My hockey gear has been described as a combination of 'rotten eggs, dirty socks & wet dog.' After using Vikn Sports' sanitation service, I am beyond impressed with how much better my gear smells & how affordable their services are.  Even the guys in the locker room have taken notice!” 

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