TAG Strike Force II 780 Shoulder Pad (QB/WR/DB)

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Ideal for Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, and Defensive Backs.

The TAG Strike Force II 780 Shoulder Pad is a lightweight, low-profile shoulder pad featuring new corrugated arches & epaulets, HDOC & 2XEVA padding, and steel spring arch systems. These pads offer maximum protection, mobility and comfort for on-field performance.

-NEW corrugated arches and epaulets for lighter weight and durability. Additional holes in plastic for better breathability and reduction of weight. By reducing the weight, the player gains a wider range of motion and becomes less fatigued

-16% lighter than traditional pads

-HDOC and 2x EVA padding and steel spring arch systems, forms to the players body, allowing the best fit, comfort, and range of motion.  With adjustable neck opening, the player gains a better custom fit

-Velcro® attach back plate, neck roll, and removable deltoid pad

-Easy fit swivel front and back closure system. Swivels move with the player’s body for a greater range of motion and transfers energy away from the body 

-1" belt and buckle hook-up system

-Stainless steel hardware

-Low profile

SMALL 16"-17" 36"-38"
MEDIUM 17"-18" 38"-40"
LARGE 18"-19" 40"-42"
XL 19"-20" 42"-44"
2XL 20"-21" 44"-46"
3XL 21"-22" 46"-48"
4XL 22"-23" 48"-50"